Published: 9th Aug 2019

The leader and opposition leader on Basildon Council have joined forces to back a £100m regeneration fund for the town centre. Both council leader Gavin Callaghan and opposition leader Andrew Baggott have given their support to the creation of the fund to boost to town centre regeneration, ahead of a special council meeting held yesterday (August 8). At the meeting councillors voted in favour of borrowing of up to £100m to buy land or properties within town centres that will secure its ‘long-term viability and encourage inward investment or skills development’. In addition, councillors also approved plans to increase the amount that can be borrowed to buy commercial property from £80m to £150m. This separate fund is used to purchase property, mostly outside of the borough, with the express purpose of earning an income to pay for council services and to replace government funding that has been taken away. ‘We’ve … (To read the full article, subscribe below)