Published: 20th Nov 2013

At the Locality Convention last week Bernadette McAliskey quoted Tom Paine’s ‘Rights of Man’, reminding us that authority comes not from on high, neither from monarchs nor from governments, but only from the people. Here was a woman who (as Bernadette Devlin) had been the youngest ever woman MP, had slapped the home secretary when he lied to Parliament about Bloody Sunday, had been shot seven times by paramilitaries, and survived. Bernadette is now the co-ordinator of the South Tyrone Empowerment Partnership, an organisation whose primary governing document is the UN Declaration on Human Rights. She told us that her experience as a community development worker has taught her that ‘money is the last thing we need’. Not, she said, that we don’t need money, but it’s the last thing we need, we should never start with chasing after it. And she reminded us that the ‘hard to reach’ are … (To read the full article, subscribe below)