Published: 22nd Feb 2016

The UK was once proud of local government and its employees. Today, through a combination of disrespect and neglect, we are dangerously blasé. Today, a dark cloud hangs over them despite their great efforts in very hard times. Talented people have left, and, as services reduce, capacity is being hollowed out. The ongoing wrangle over local government pay and union demands that wages are brought up to at least the living wage is a symptom of this malaise. To be a local government sector worker is losing value. This is not just about salaries and pay, which should be maintained at the living wage and labour market levels so that local government can retain and recruit staff. It is also about value in terms of the wider social worth and respect given to this work. ‘Within a culture of individualism and private interest, local government is increasingly seen as a … (To read the full article, subscribe below)