Published: 21st Jul 2016

The transfer of an asset from a county council to a community group can attract a lot of attention. But too little is said about what happens later, when the dust has settled and the new venture takes shape. The Charles Burrell High School campus was redundant and empty, but for round the clock security guard and dog. It was costing Norfolk Council money and starting to deteriorate. Yet, situated at the centre of a large social housing estate in Thetford, it was perfectly placed. Questions were being asked, not least by Terry Jermy, who was both a town and county councillor and old boy of the school. Thetford itself is something of a conundrum. It was one of the first to approach the then London County Council to offer to accommodate those eager to leave the capital for new homes and jobs. Rapid expansion brought its own problems, some … (To read the full article, subscribe below)