A changed relationship between communities and public sector organisations is seen as vital to the future of services. But why do many organisations struggle to get asset-based approaches off the ground, asks Fiona Weir Asset-based approaches are here to stay in health, care and other public services. Chapter two of the NHS Five Year Forward View makes clear that organisations must change relationships with patients and communities, in ways that see people as assets and co-creators of health. But trusts, clinical commissioning groups, service providers and councils all have some way to go. I suggest that asset-based approaches in communities and with individual patients must start with asset-based workforce development; and that sometimes, if asset-based development is not happening as expected, an organisation needs to change its relationships with its workforce too, and consider, Are we asking the right questions about asset-based development? For while there’s no significant disagreement that … (To read the full article, subscribe below)

Fiona Weir is community partnerships manager at Kirklees Council