Published: 25th Jul 2018

Nesta has produced an update on their ‘Flying High’ project, which began in January and is exploring different ways that drones could benefit cities in the UK. Their report looks at the economic and societal impact of drones across five city regions including medical delivery within London and across the Solent, traffic incident response in the West Midlands, fire response in Bradford and construction and regeneration in Preston. Some of the benefits of drone technology in the report include enabling deliveries of medicine, improving situational awareness for emergency services, increasing efficiency in construction site management and reducing false alarms for fire and rescue. However, they concede in the report that there are several obstacles in the way of a widespread take-up. It says a new regulatory environment is needed for the technology that allows flight beyond the operator’s line of sight and a new air traffic management system is required … (To read the full article, subscribe below)