Published: 9th Sep 2009

In the past few years South Yorkshire has come a long way. In a region that used to contain some of Europe’s most deprived areas and needed one of the largest Housing Market Renewal (HMR) pathfinder investment programmes, industries have expanded and diversified, and there are some great new places to live. In recognition of the innovative work that is being done by developers and local authorities to raise design standards Transform South Yorkshire (TSY) and Delivering Design Quality (DDQ) have created the Design Awards Scheme. The awards are designed to reflect the different aspects of our activities at TSY and DDQ, and showcase the organisations and practitioners that are achieving high design standards. As well as a chance to celebrate these successes, we’re also using the awards as a forum where developers and local authorities can come together and discuss the issues that currently face the industry. To get … (To read the full article, subscribe below)