Published: 25th Feb 2011

With a bit of imagination empty shops can be turned into an asset, explains Ray Worsnop When I asked people what they wanted to see in Rhyl’s town centre they said ‘more independent shops, like a bakers’. So that’s what I gave them. Take a look at the above photo carefully and you may deduce that all’s not as it first seems. Or maybe you won’t. Through the trickery of a photographic mural I created a 3D impression of a bakers and placed it inside the windows of an empty shop. Why? Well, I don’t want my town to end up looking like a ghost town. In the space of just two streets we have 14 empty shops and the situation could get a lot worse. Of the three big ‘names’ we have in the town, two are talking about moving out. The shop prior to … (To read the full article, subscribe below)