Published: 3rd Mar 2014

The Hope SF project aims to rebuild old housing estates and provide social services for residents in a city where property values are skyrocketing. Sophie Novack of the National Journal reports on one housing estate helping residents stay in their homes and bear the brunt of gentrification  To make sure kids in her neighbourhood go to school, Uzuri Pease-Greene walks them herself. Outfitted in bright yellow vests, she and her daughter begin their half-mile route at 7:30 each morning, stopping to pick up nine to 17 kids along the way. Forty minutes later, they arrive at Daniel Webster Elementary School in time for the school-provided breakfast. ‘Once they get with me, it’s like, “You’re my child now,”‘ the no-nonsense 48-year-old grandmother of 13 says, with a laugh. ‘I become a big mother.’ Pease-Greene is the ‘driver’ of the walking school bus, a Hope SF initiative in the Potrero Hill public … (To read the full article, subscribe below)