Published: 23rd Mar 2020

Aberdeen musicians will create songs based on events that have been found in the city’s unique records. Aberdeen-based musicians Davy Cattanach, Paddy Buchanan and Claire Hawes have written new music based on the city’s UNESCO recognised Burgh records, which date from 1398-1511, and offer a unique insight into life in medieval Scotland. The Aberdeen registers are the most complete for any Scottish town and historians at the University of Aberdeen have led a project, in collaboration with the City Archives, to transcribe the handwritten entries and to open them to the world by making them available as the Aberdeen Registers Online. Their research has already revealed that Aberdeen may have been the birthplace of Scotch whisky as they uncovered the earliest ever reference to a still for production of the drink (aquavite) in Scotland and demonstrated that a king stepped in to settle a dispute on piracy in Aberdeen. One of … (To read the full article, subscribe below)