Published: 15th Feb 2011

Already 2011 is turning into a strange and uncomfortable year. The discomfort has been widely predicted, and many are already experiencing it as regeneration programmes have ended, community infrastructure is under threat and jobs are being lost. What is strange is not that this is happening. It is that we’ve been protected from it for so long. The old certainties are rapidly disappearing. We used to have a government that was frustratingly bureaucratic but at least appeared to aim in the right direction. We now have one that faces multiple ways and appears unable to differentiate between ministerial platitudes and the real experience of people in disadvantaged communities. We have a dysfunctional economy that looks increasingly incapable of producing the standards of living and public services that we have taken for granted. The nirvana of the knowledge economy has given way to a realisation that we built our economic edifices … (To read the full article, subscribe below)