Published: 11th Mar 2011

A new study has looked into the extent of financial exclusion faced by social housing tenants. Kevin Gulliver reveals the findings Financial exclusion was a growing concern before the credit crunch hit. In its aftermath, in the form of cuts to welfare benefits and local services like money advice, it is set to grow. Social housing tenants will be affected particularly severely since they make up a large part of those on low incomes and welfare benefits. They are also disproportionately dependent upon high-cost credit, including both legal and illegal aspects.

Trident Inclusion’s Money Advice Service, which features in the report, helps 200-300 clients a year and in 2010 welfare benefit advice alone increased tenants’ collective incomes by £312,000 and the centre dealt with £802,000 of debts.
A new report by the Human City Institute in partnership with pressure group Compass and Trident Inclusion, a midlands … (To read the full article, subscribe below)