Published: 30th Jul 2014

The Stewkley Community Enterprise Agency is demonstrating that efficiencies of scale do matter – but it’s the local scale, not the large scale, that creates great services. The Agency struck a deal with Buckinghamshire County Council to cut the grass and carry out other low-level environmental maintenance – removing flyers, maintaining signs, cleaning gutters – in the village. Instead of being delivered by large providers, with no connection to the area, the Agency’s team is made up of local people. This recycles the council’s investment in the service in the local economy, through their wages, and enables the individuals to develop their experience and skills. The Agency’s connection to the area also means they can be more flexible. The team directly approach people for feedback on the quality of their work. Speaking at the recent Seven Stories of Localism event, David Lett, the Agency’s founder and director of operations, emphasised … (To read the full article, subscribe below)