Published: 26th Jun 2013

Image: Courtesy City of Sydney If you are planning a trip to Sydney and need transport to get around, an initiative that has seen bike trips more than double in three years is proving that two wheels are better than four – for your health and the environment. Transport and infrastructure challenges, along with historically low cycling rates are being tackled as a part of the Sydney 2030 blueprint, which involves a number of ambitious plans to make Sydney ‘green, global and connected’. As a result, the city aims to provide 200km of cycle lanes by 2030, with 55km separated from traffic. Fiona Campbell, the council’s manager of cycling strategy, leads the implantation of the City of Sydney’s innovative ‘Cycle Strategy and Action Plan’ which focuses on developing a network of cycleways to connect major destinations within and beyond the City of Sydney. With the support … (To read the full article, subscribe below)