Published: 4th Jun 2014

Regardless of whether Scots vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in September’s referendum on independence, their country (and the UK) will never be the same again. The run-up to the vote has allowed Scotland to create a vision for the kind of society it would like to have, the social and economic policies it would like to introduce, and the type of governance needed to make them happen. It has been an opportunity to re-imagine their country, and, through that re-imagining, a new type of politics has emerged, one that comes from the grassroots, is inclusive and engaging. In this edition of New Start we present some of those visions. Our series of essays begins with the Common Weal project, which advocates a politics of ‘all-of-us-first’ rather than ‘me-first’, a society to enhance lives rather than strip people of their wealth. Scotland has made breakthroughs in terms of common ownership of land … (To read the full article, subscribe below)