Published: 28th Jan 2011

Anthony Woods Waters reports on a burgeoning relationship between the US city of Little Rock and Newcastle upon Tyne Newcastle upon Tyne enjoys a ‘friendship’ relationship with Little Rock, the state capital of Arkansas. Over recent years there has been a greater impetus to develop this relationship to Sister City status. My organisation, Building Futures East, has supported this move and has hosted visits by young delegates from youth projects in Little Rock, officers and Sister Cities commissioners from the city. As a result of this I was invited to join the visiting delegation from Newcastle in early November last year. The itinerary reflected areas of interest and commonality with a view to promoting awareness and understanding and develop relationships in order to establish mutually beneficial links. The visit therefore covered the following themes: the environment, urban regeneration, unemployment and biosciences. Arkansas is dubbed The Natural State. Travel around and … (To read the full article, subscribe below)