Published: 26th Apr 2018

The city of Brighton and Hove is famed for its sunny beaches, colourful nightlife and progressive politics, but can it become a hotbed for renewable energy as well? Over the last few years, Brighton and Hove Energy Services Co-Op has helped more than 1,000 residents collectively save more than £52,000 on their energy bills. New Start spoke to the co-operative’s founder and chief executive, Kayla Ente about its work and how it has adapted to recent changes in the energy sector. Can you tell me about the history of about the co-operative? We formed the co-operative in 2013. Originally, I had tried to do a similar model in London and I was working as a consultant for the South East England Development Authority (SEEDA). I could not get this model working in London, because it did not have the community cohesion that was needed in order to make it work, … (To read the full article, subscribe below)