Published: 6th Nov 2019

Over 9 in 10 private renters (91%) who need a social home are unable to get one and are left on waiting lists, often for years on end, according to the charity Shelter. The charity’s analysis of the latest government data shows there were nearly 500,000 privately renting households on council waiting lists last year, but fewer than 43,000 private renters moved into a social rent home during that same period. Shelter suggests that the true scale of need among private renters is probably far greater than these figures suggest. Since 2011, councils have been able to decide the eligibility criteria for their own waiting lists with many insisting people must have a long-standing connection to the local area to qualify, meaning thousands cannot even get on the list in the first place. According to the charity, the problem stems from decades of failure to build new social homes – … (To read the full article, subscribe below)