Published: 24th Apr 2020

Radojka Miljevic, partner, Campbell Tickell, reflects on the changes in society since the coronavirus lockdown began a month ago. This article first featured in the latest CT Brief, which you can read here. The first day of ‘lockdown’ and I am out early for an hour’s walk, like a coiled spring pushing against containment. It is quiet, calm, but the strange diversionary walking I have adopted makes me feel like I am in a phantasmagorical zombie movie. The quotidian comforts and assumptions are being shredded as some incorporeal monster creeps in. And how far will our shape-shifting go? Nobody knows. So far we can’t simply snap back to how we were. This issue of the CT Brief was spawned before our viral friend turned the whole world upside down. Yes – the whole world – yes, upside down – this is really happening. Did anyone have this on their risk … (To read the full article, subscribe below)