Published: 3rd Apr 2020

40% of London charities supporting children could close within 6 months due to a coronavirus funding shortfall, research by The Childhood Trust has suggested.  The study, which surveyed 65 child poverty charities in London, collectively supporting 184,000 children and young people. The aim was to learn how the current crisis is impacting on both their operations and the children that they serve to give a more detailed picture of the threats faced by the charity sector in London and the children that they support. Concerns over cashflow was raised by many charities, with 51% believing they will need financial support to ensure that an adequate supply of food can continue to go to the poverty stricken children who were already at risk of hunger in London, which is the UK’s worst affected city for coronavirus. A further third (35%) also revealed the need for support in delivering food to them. … (To read the full article, subscribe below)