Published: 26th Mar 2020

Homelessness charity, Shelter, warns that ‘watered-down’ legislation will not protect those who are already in the process of being evicted. Government published emergency legislation to suspend new eviction cases for three months during the coronavirus crisis yesterday (March 23). The measures extend the notice period that landlords must give tenants before they can evict them through a court process, from two months to three. However, Polly Neate, chief executive of Shelter, said this does not go far enough to protect people and keep them in a safe home until the public health emergency has passed. She said that renters with an eviction case already in progress in the courts, an estimated 20,000 cases, could still be legally evicted and lose their home in the next three months. The charity is now calling for a wholesale and complete halt to all evictions so that no-one is left without a home during … (To read the full article, subscribe below)