For the first time in the UK, the UN’s human development measures have been applied to a region – Greater Manchester. Professor Jill Rubery, who coordinated the research, says it lays bare the region’s stark inequalities   On applying UN measurements of human development to Greater Manchester. Measuring human development gives a useful focus to the inclusive growth agenda. It says growth should be people-centred and that that should be the starting point. Given the debate in Greater Manchester at the moment around devolution and our own work around decent work and inclusive growth, we were interested in how the measurement of human development could be used as a tool to put people at the centre of how we plan our local economy. Uneven growth is a major issue for the region The data shows that Greater Manchester is below the average for England in all the dimensions of human … (To read the full article, subscribe below)

Clare Goff

Clare Goff is Editor at New Start magazine