Published: 20th Jul 2017

The Essex town of Thurrock is to get its own School for Social Entrepreneurs programme, which will be run by the Eastern Enterprise Hub. Chief executive Digby Chacksfield talks to New Start about the area’s entrepreneurial spirit. ————————————— Why open a School for Social Entrepreneurs in Thurrock? Thurrock is quite an entrepreneurial area. We have worked in the past with a couple of entrepreneurs from there – Rob Groves, who runs the Hardie Park social enterprise was a student of the London School for Social Entrepreneurs and we have worked with Neil Woodbridge from Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions over the years as well. So Thurrock has always been of interest because those two have based their operations there. They are also huge advocates for Thurrock as having potential to transform itself. I think the School for Social Entrepreneurs is about supporting people from all sorts of different backgrounds to create social … (To read the full article, subscribe below)