Published: 27th Apr 2017

The New Local Government Network this week published its ‘changemaking’ vision for local government. New Start talks to its director Adam Lent about technocratic meddling versus transformative, value-led change. On the three core values needed to transform local government: The re-invention of local government in an incremental way has reached its limit and now we need a total rethink of how the public sector and local government work. There are three key issues that come up in conversations with local government. Firstly, the need for collaboration across the public sector and within councils. Then there is the need for creativity to be embedded within the culture of organisations, allowing agile responses across the board. Thirdly, and strongly connected to creativity, is the need for self-determination, giving staff the authority to innovate and achieve the mission of local government and of place. Councils need to be the leaders of cultural change … (To read the full article, subscribe below)