Published: 17th Aug 2017

Dave Smith is managing director of Sheffield city region, where he heads up the combined authority and the local enterprise partnership. He talks to New Start about the potential of devolution. ———————————————— There’s a lot of talk in local government about the divide between the Leps and the combined authorities. Is it important that this divide is bridged? It’s really important that they have distinctive roles, because they can both bring opportunities and strengths. The advantage I have is in spanning the two, I can find the spaces where they understand each other better and you can appeal to a sense of co-operation, rather than allow significant divides to develop. The great advantage of a Lep is that it has to look at the whole economy, so it’s a really useful vehicle. But you are dealing with a group of business people, who often have not had exposure to the … (To read the full article, subscribe below)