Published: 10th May 2013

In the centenary year of the Carnegie UK Trust, chief executive Martyn Evans looks back over its 100 years of innovative social change and argues for the need for greater partnerships to tackle today’s social issues. Q. Andrew Carnegie’s purpose in establishing the Trust in 1913 was ‘the improvement of the wellbeing of the masses of the people of Great Britain and Ireland’. How has the trust stuck to and developed this purpose in the last 100 years? A. Organisations tend not to have long memories so it’s been a fascinating process looking through the archives to see the work Carnegie funded in the past. We gave Leonard Cheshire its first grant for example. The chief executive approached us for £600 for central heating and we ended up giving them £60,000 for a new house. That was the start of a relationship that has lasted a long time. We funded … (To read the full article, subscribe below)