Published: 19th Nov 2019

A ‘100 Day Challenge’ has launched in Liverpool, where three teams will be coming together to test ideas that support children, young people and families to thrive. The approach gives people closest to their communities, such as doctors, youth workers or community businesses, the opportunity to combine their skills and experience to drive change. Teams then work with local leaders to integrate ideas that they have tested into ongoing plans to sustain the impact made when the 100 days are up. Liverpool City Council, Liverpool Charity and Voluntary Services and Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust has worked with community partners and residents to invite teams to take part from Anfield and Everton, Princes Park and Speke-Garston. They will be supported by innovation charity Nesta, charitable trust Power to Change, and local decision-makers to bring to life ideas they think will change things for the better. The cross-disciplinary teams will work as effective … (To read the full article, subscribe below)