19th Nov 2019 - NewStart

Head of Technology and Architecture

Essex County Council (ECC) believes successful digital transformation is underpinned by world class technology provisions. ECC is continually reviewing and recasting its IT operating model, strategy and structure, to ensure a secure, scalable, stable IT infrastructure is in place. An exemplary IT infrastructure will support delivery of the wider corporate objectives of the Council and provide a platform for the development of innovative, responsive and cohesive products and services. Exemplary and visionary IT Architecture provision will be a key strategic enabler of this exciting programme of business change.
Significant work is underway to reform the IT estate of Essex County Council. The Council is currently delivering a significant cloud migration programme, alongside deployment of new tools and the rationalisation of a broad applications estate which increasingly is moving toward a Software-as-a-Service approach. ECC envisages a future where technology can transform both how the Council works and how they deliver services. Whilst this ambition is not in itself unique, unusually it is not driven solely by an over-riding imperative to reduce costs; the Council has an enviable track record of prudent financial management. Rather, ECC is driven by its passion to provide a truly liberating and empowering, connected, interactive customer experience. This will enable residents and businesses to access a diverse range of essential and non-essential public services, at a time, place and via a medium of their choosing. Employees will also be able to share their ideas openly, working collaboratively without barriers.

Transformation Director, Community Housing

About Us
Kingston is passionate about the people who make up our vibrant and diverse Royal Borough, and we are working with them to ensure they are healthy and active in a great place to live, work, study or visit. Our intention is to be a Council that embraces our rich heritage whilst planning for the future. We are working with people, communities and our partners to develop resilience and services that will support and empower the most vulnerable.

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