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Homeless Family Move-on Adviser

The Housing Needs Group works in close partnership with the Temporary Accommodation Group in Housing Support Services to prevent and relieve people from being homeless. Since early 2013 we have reduced the number of households living in TA by around one quarter and we are committed to further reduction going forward as we recognise the detrimental impacts of TA, no matter how well managed, on families, especially children.

Assistant Director, Assets

The role

There is much for Sutton to be proud of both as a council and as a borough. This includes high levels of resident satisfaction, our approach to addressing of the Council’s financial challenges to date, the involvement and engagement of residents in key issues facing the borough and the enthusiastic, motivated, passionate staff who work for the Council. Looking ahead, we are delivering plans for new homes, new schools and the London Cancer Hub. The council is also seen as a driving force within the South London Partnership of five south west London boroughs focused on strategic growth, regeneration and investment.

Senior Democratic Services Officer

We are looking for people with the drive and ambition to make Sandwell’s Vision 2030 a reality.

You will play a critical role working on high-profile service specific projects, directly supporting the successful delivery of the Law and Governance Business Plan. You will be expected to make a real impact through your personal contribution, both within the council and to the residents of Sandwell.

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