18th Oct 2018 - NewStart

Executive Director – Commercial

This role means you will need to look at our processes to ensure we are focused on delivering high-quality services at the right speed and price.

What we’re looking for

You will lead our commercial, procurement, commissioning, property and IMT service areas, pro-actively making sure that we can go from requirement to mobilisation as quickly as possible.

Executive Director – Resources

This role will focus on resilient financial management, bringing new ideas, astute insight and exceptional analytical skills to the corporate table.

What we’re looking for

With a gross budget spend of £950m, pension fund with a current asset value of £2.3bn and a history of resilient financial management, we are now looking for an innovative and results-driven Executive Director to lead us through the next stage of our financial journey.

Executive Director, Place

This is it. The moment when we re-write our county’s future. In becoming a unitary authority, we’ve opened the door to a world of hope and possibilities. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to shape a whole new era. Fresh thinking, new values, game-changing innovation: as a visionary leader, you’ll bring all of this. How will tomorrow look for you and our 21st century councils? The best way to predict your future is to create it.

Executive Director – Place

This role will focus on Lincolnshire both as a location and an economic entity, helping to raise our profile and enhance our growth development plan.

What we’re looking for

You must be an experienced ‘place shaper’ with collaboration at heart, engaging our staff, members, external partners and investors. You will set a customer-first approach and champion Lincolnshire both regionally and nationally.

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