November 2013 - NewStart

The Incredible Edible experiment

What started with slightly anarchic plantings in public places is actually a model that can begin to reconnect communities and local economies. People are thinking differently about the town as a whole too, with an edible Green Route that connects the health centre, theatre, market, station and canal towpath, bringing a sense of unity to the town and creating important habitats for pollinating insects.

An economy which is ‘less about me and more about us’

I was struck by some who conveyed a sense that the future was about actually creating economies which were less about individuals, and more about the collective represented by communities and common heritage. Indeed, I left with the bullish speaker’s words ringing in my ears, who followed up his bad language with a much more poetic comment: ‘We need to bust the bubble by thinking less about me and more about us’. Ripper!

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