August 2013 - NewStart

‘Fessing up at the festival

The 'Sharing sh*t practice' session at the Re:Fest UK Festival of Regeneration is an open invitation to discuss another taboo by-product of our humanity – our regeneration failures, mistakes and misjudgements. Everybody makes foul-ups, but it’s apparently in nobody’s interest to admit and discuss them. No, no, no, much better to hush them up so everyone else can make the mistake too.

Can Leps focus on economic needs as well as opportunities?

Leps are an increasingly important piece within the local governance puzzle and their iterative evolution will accelerate sharply over the next six months. As the roles of Leps are being redefined around the development of strategic plans for European structural funding and the local growth fund, local leaders should take any opportunities to hardwire the connections between growth, jobs and poverty into their mindsets.

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