May 2011 - NewStart


Rethinking the institutions of place

This is no lament to re-create the institutional dominance of the church, nor the separating out of cultures nor the arbitrary protectionism of small differences. Rather, it is an attempt to try and understand how, if it were desireable, the local organo-ware of place might work today.


The real cost of Britain’s bankruptcy

The atlas reveals the extent of Britain’s bankruptcy in financial, residential, political, moral, emotional and environmental aspects of life across the country and highlights the way this has impacted more on the poor and vulnerable in society with the rich continuing to fare better.


What makes local innovation work?

Malmö is an interesting case study for local social innovation. The city has established a global reputation for innovation on environmental sustainability with the Western Harbour development on the site of an old shipyard; using green building techniques, renewable energy sources, sustainable transport, green spaces and great architecture to create a striking new residential and business neighbourhood.

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