Published: 10th Mar 2015

Salford city mayor Ian Stewart and professor Maggie Pearson from Salford University and the Salford social value pledge In 2014 Salford made a pledge to become a ‘social value city’. Anne Lythgoe reports on progress so far. Ian Stewart, the elected city mayor of Salford, has stated that the area has an ambition to become a ‘social value city’ where the majority of private, public, community and voluntary sector organisations are signed up to a social value charter and including social value in all their activities. Building from an interest which pre-dates the social value act, a partnership which includes the local authority, health sector, and VCSE providers, has worked at three parallel levels – ‘strategic, commissioning/procurement, and provider’ – to create an environment which they hope will maximise social value. Early on, the group used the analogy of railway tracks to describe how commissioners and … (To read the full article, subscribe below)