Published: 6th Jun 2013

Martin Large’s aim is to ‘reclaim our common wealth’ and his work has enabled the development of community-owned land and housing. Here he talks through the emerging models and argues for tri-sectoral partnerships to preserve and steward our commons.  Where did your ideas for Common Wealth come from? I have a Yorkshire dales hill farmer’s background. My father was a tenant farmer, and local farmers often worked co-operatively, sharing work and resources. My family is from the north east and was involved in the whole fabric of mutual and friendly societies, so common wealth was in my DNA. Then we had the long nightmare of neo-liberal capitalism, starting with Thatcher in 1979 and accelerating in the 90s. We brought up our four children in Stroud, Gloucestershire. When Tescopoly hit in the early 90’s, Stroud town centre became run–down with empty shops, often owned by absentee property speculators.  So, after a Stroud … (To read the full article, subscribe below)