Published: 5th Apr 2013

What are the benefits of community economic development and how can it become more mainstream? Localise West Midlands has been finding out. As reported in New Start last year, thanks to a small Barrow Cadbury Trust grant Localise West Midlands has been researching how localised and community economic development can be integrated into the mainstream to help create more successful, socially just and diverse places. Its first stage was a review of the literature evidence for the benefits of localised economies in comparison to more centralised economic approaches. There’s nothing new about localised economic approaches or writing around their social benefits, so we assumed this stage would be a quick overview of relevant existing analysis as context for the primary work on ‘mainstreaming’. In fact we found little direct assessment of different economic approaches, with our review being one of the first to collate evidence around the socio-economic benefits of … (To read the full article, subscribe below)