Published: 23rd Nov 2015

A new movement is gaining momentum across England which is turning public services inside out. At its heart is the assumption that services need to become more innovative if they are to achieve the outcomes that people need. Arts and cultural organisations are shining a new light on some of the most intractable issues facing local authorities and the NHS. The Cultural Commissioning Programme is a three-year initiative funded by Arts Council and delivered by a partnership of NCVO, the New Economics Foundation (NEF) and New Philanthropy Capital. It is working with arts and cultural sector commissioners and policymakers to strengthen commissioning of arts and culture, and to deliver better outcomes for people and communities. As part of this programme, NEF is working with two pilot sites that are testing new ways of commissioning arts and culture in Gloucestershire and Kent. Commissioners in the pilot sites have been pushing the … (To read the full article, subscribe below)