As London’s east end undergoes significant gentrification, a co-operative is helping embed community ownership, ensuring locals aren’t priced out of their homes and businesses. Dominic Ellison explains Hackney Co-operative Developments has been leading bottom-up, community-led regeneration in Dalston for over 30 years. It began in 1982 when a group of Hackney-based members of a local housing co-op wanted to support other local housing co-op residents to set up in business. Since then we have targeted our support where we knew it would have the most lasting impact on the local community, with a focus on its economy. Our remit has expanded, from supporting people wanting to start co-operatives to helping thousands of individuals set up new businesses and find a better route out of poverty than low-paid and exploitative employment. We have developed a significant footprint of commercial property in the local area, made a strong contribution to the urban … (To read the full article, subscribe below)

Dominic Ellison is chief executive officer of Hackney Cooperative Developments