Publication of the parliamentary commission on banking standards’ report ‘Changing Banking for Good’ in June resulted in some sensational headlines. These included ‘Jail rogue bankers’, ‘MPs told to split RBS in two’ and ‘Bankers should face threat of jail and loss of bonuses’. But beyond the headlines are a wider range of recommendations to improve banking standards by increasing diversity and transparency within the banking sector and improving financial literacy. These are all issues that are crucial to promoting fair access to finance which, in turn, will increase financial inclusion and support local economic growth. They are also all issues that the Community Investment Coalition has campaigned for. It might be easy for those working at a regional or local level to shrug their shoulders about banking reform and feel that the national and global complexity of the financial services market puts it out of reach of local influence. But in … (To read the full article, subscribe below)

Jennifer Tankard is director of advocacy and research at the Community Development Foundation and director of the Community Investment Coalition