Published: 9th May 2014

The word ‘economy’ can be traced back to the Greek word oikonomos, – ‘one who manages a household’. However, the idea that the economy is intimate and social is often lost from modern day economic discussions. Indeed, all too often the social sphere, is seen as an assumed outcome of economic activity, rather than a planned for and locked-in necessity. This connectedness with the social sphere should be central to any local economic development. What is the point of local economic development if it does not deliver social outcomes or address poverty? In this we need to think about building a local civil economy – an economy which is decent, fair and works for people. In a recent report, we at Cles, in collaboration with Macc (Manchester’s local community and voluntary sector support organisation), explore how we could build a civil economy in Manchester and the role of social capital … (To read the full article, subscribe below)