A summit is a nerve-racking affair for those organising it. I imagine it’s not too unlike organising a wedding. At 9am on day one of the two-day Bristol New Economy Summit, the room began to fill to capacity as our excellent facilitators Angela Raffle and Peter Lipman donned their headsets. They asked us to prepare for a journey and to take responsibility for ourselves and make the most of the opportunity this coming together of diverse but similarly motivated people presented. The first speaker Kate Raworth took the stage and soon had the delegates enthralled. Doughnut economics is one of the most elegant descriptions of why we need to change the economy we have and gives the principles that should underpin the new economy we have started to create. It is obvious to many that the economy we have now is not sustainable environmentally or in terms of how increasingly … (To read the full article, subscribe below)

Ciaran Mundy
 is chief executive of Bristol Pound and one of the organisers of the Bristol New Economy Summit 2015.