30th Aug 2019 - NewStart

Housing Liaison Officer

As a Housing Liaison Officer, you will be responsible for helping customers who are suffering from mental illness by providing a direct service.  Support and guidance will be offered by the Senior Practitioner.

You will liaise closely with officers of the Local Authority Housing Service and other appropriate agencies in the field of housing.  You will assess the needs of each individual and assist in facilitating an appropriate response.

Neighbourhood Housing Manager

Improving Housing in Brent

So, are you passionate about customer service? We are looking for exceptional people to be a customer service ambassador for Brent Housing Management Service.

Brent is a tremendously vibrant London borough where the iconic arch of Wembley Stadium dominates the skyline. Spanning both inner and outer London, it is a borough of huge contrasts in terms of its economic, environmental, ethnic and social make up. Brent’s diversity is evident to all who visit our borough and our long history of ethnic and cultural diversity has created a place that is truly unique and valued by those who live and work here.

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